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Wine Talks with Paul K.

For the wine novice and wine expert...this is an  unorthodox travel through wine and food. Meet some of the characters that shape what we drink and eat. From the Mayor of Montefalco (small Umbrian town) to the biggest names in the Napa Valley...we have them here and Paul K. makes them laugh and tell!

May 26, 2023

There is no standard path to get into the wine busines. Ask 100 people and you will get 100 answers on landing on the passioln it takes to make, market or sell wine. Garys story is one for the books. 

When you have seen as many changes in the wine business as Gary has, you learn a 6th sense about people, wine, business...

May 23, 2023

It takes inspiration to make wine. It takes a dream. It takes ambition. It takes hard work. Jay Nunez has all these traits and more. 

But the most important trait it takes to make honest wine is philosophy. Wine is part science but mostly art. We might find AI in the winemaking game one day (don't ask me how) it might...

May 15, 2023

GiniFest is a Los Angeles bred wine festival that features the wine making skills of both indigenous Armenian winemakers but Armenian winemakers in the diaspora as well. A very professionally done show and an opportunity to showcase incredible wines of great distinction.

Wine Talks played host to (3) of the wine...

May 12, 2023

May is the anniversary month of the Judgement of Paris and we are celebrating by hearing from the very players who tool part in this famed event.

Bo Barrett was in the cellar when Mike Grgich crafted the 1973 Chardonnay. Little did they know the history they were about to make and literally change the world wide...

May 11, 2023


Celebrating Judgement of Paris month.

When Mike Grgich came to America, he had sewn $32 into the sole of his shoe, that's all he had to his name. He arrived in Saint Helena without a plan or a job but became one of the most influential winemakers in California's history.

In May of 1976 when the California wines beat...