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Wine Talks with Paul K.

For the wine novice and wine expert...this is an  unorthodox travel through wine and food. Meet some of the characters that shape what we drink and eat. From the Mayor of Montefalco (small Umbrian town) to the biggest names in the Napa Valley...we have them here and Paul K. makes them laugh and tell!

May 5, 2022

If you were to call a company in the San Luis Obispo area to drill and new water well or repair an old one, most likely you will call Doug Filliponi. A grass roots type of guy, Dougs experience drilling wells for all industries but particulary the wine industry, brought him to the love of the grape. 

Though still the lead well driller in SLO, Doug now not only speaks of his love of geology but his latest love of wine.  Down to earth, wearing his cowboy hat, Doug and I laugh through the conversation but get serioius about the value of a great wine. I found the Ancient Peaks wines of extraordinary value and amazing reprsentation of what can be produced in SLO.