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Wine Talks with Paul K.

For the wine novice and wine expert...this is an  unorthodox travel through wine and food. Meet some of the characters that shape what we drink and eat. From the Mayor of Montefalco (small Umbrian town) to the biggest names in the Napa Valley...we have them here and Paul K. makes them laugh and tell!

Jan 11, 2023

Sandra and I recently had dinner with famed director, David Zucker and all we did was laugh and talk about the future and what is in store. As he is preparing to release a new book, on the making of the movie Airplane, I thought it would be nice to get a glimpse of David from our last podcast.

Sometimes we only see celebrities as they are after success,  but they are just as human as you and I with compelling stories to tell. You will find it entertaining, interesting, and eye-raising.