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Wine Talks with Paul K.

For the wine novice and wine expert...this is an  unorthodox travel through wine and food. Meet some of the characters that shape what we drink and eat. From the Mayor of Montefalco (small Umbrian town) to the biggest names in the Napa Valley...we have them here and Paul K. makes them laugh and tell!

Mar 30, 2023

Wine is really about history. What other product do you deliberately wit 20 years to explore, what other product can you take half way around the world and say “This is who we are and when we are”
I was thinking about the phrase after my conversation with Kira and with picture perfect recollection of wine history, the saying needs to be “This is who were and when we were before that.” Meaning, the history of the culture if wine rolls up to secure a place in the next bottling. For Kira, her vast knowledge of the history of wine has created a mindset with making wine that, in my opinion, is reflected in her wines. I think you will find the conversation stimulating, fascinating, and inspiring.