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Wine Talks with Paul K.

For the wine novice and wine expert...this is an  unorthodox travel through wine and food. Meet some of the characters that shape what we drink and eat. From the Mayor of Montefalco (small Umbrian town) to the biggest names in the Napa Valley...we have them here and Paul K. makes them laugh and tell!

Dec 27, 2022

Sitting with Jess Lander is like sitting with your best friend. She is open, fun, and interesting while also informative, cautious, and inspiring.
You will learn that wine writing doesn’t come easy for most. Even the most experienced writers sometimes feel like they have run out of subject matter or just plain can’t get their thoughts on paper. For Jess, the ideas seem to flow from her mind to her tablet and she never looks back.
Though we spoke for an hour, we hardly touched on all the subjects we had set out to discuss. That is because we had so much to peel back.
Grab a glass and have a listen.